Modernising Legacy Systems: Seamless Tech Integration Strategies

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Did you know that 70-80% of incumbent insurers’ IT budgets are taken up by maintaining legacy systems? In an era where digital transformation is not just a choice but a necessity, this takes precious time and resources away from pursuing insurance innovation. Legacy systems were once the powerhouse of insurance operations, but have become somewhat […]

Demystifying Generative AI in Insurance: A Reflective Analysis

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Generative AI has seized the world’s imagination, promising transformative changes across industries. In a riveting roundtable, Kanopi collaborated with AWS to explore the transformative potential of generative AI and its impact on the insurance sector. AI technology itself has witnessed staggering advancements, so understanding its implications, especially in a pivotal sector like insurance, requires an […]

Introducing Kanopi’s AI-powered chat interface: Revolutionising the insurance experience

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In our quest to help insurers deliver exceptional insurance experiences for their customers, Kanopi delved head-first into the world of large language learning models. It’s no secret that navigating policy documents and product disclosure statements can be daunting and time-consuming. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of our latest feature, an antidote […]

Embedded insurance 2.0: To affinity and beyond

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In the last few years, embedded insurance has emerged from the wider embedded finance movement to become the industry’s hottest topic. Incumbents have woken up to the opportunity – estimated at $700 billion in gross written premiums by 2030 in Property and Casualty alone – and numerous well-funded insurtech startups have emerged to power the […]

Breaking Barriers: How to speed up digital transformation in insurers

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Digital transformation can often seem a faraway dream for insurers. But despite the industry’s reputation as resistant to change, most incumbents long ago embarked on ambitious and costly transformation efforts – and progress has been made. When governments across the world imposed Covid-19 lockdowns, insurers on the whole reacted quickly to switch to remote operations […]

How will insurers be impacted by the shift towards the ecosystem economy?

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In the last decade, digital platforms have experienced immense growth, giving rise to sophisticated consumer ecosystems across nearly every industry. In insurance, new entrants have been particularly successful in capitalising on this trend, with some of the most recognisable, like Revolut and WeChat, graduating from start-up to household names in just 10 years or less. […]

Kanopi to host embedded insurance roundtable

Insurance News Australia | 25 July 2022  Insurtech Kanopi will host a virtual roundtable discussion on the future of embedded insurance on August 22. The panel will feature IAG EGM Partners and Platforms Luke Boyle, Sønr Founder and CEO Matt Connolly, and Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies Founder Simon Torrance. It will spotlight embedded […]

What are consumers looking for in insurance in 2022?

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Consumers across the world are slowly emerging from crisis mode after two long years spent in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the world they’re re-entering is one that’s been fundamentally altered. Over the past two and a half years life has been in fast-forward mode, requiring us all to rapidly change the way […]

Is this a new age of insurance industry partnerships?

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MELBOURNE – 13 APRIL 2022– Kanopi is proud to be an associated sponsor at Insurance Business Australia‘s Insurtech Summit 2022, where insurance leaders from some of Australia’s most notable brands will showcase the tools, tech, and strategies shaping the future of the insurance industry. 

Federal Budget: The insurance industry reacts

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MELBOURNE – 31 MARCH 2022– Insurance Business Australia reports the views of players in the insurance industry in response to the Federal Government’s 2022-2023 budget. Major concerns include talent shortages, lack of support to make insurance more affordable and lack of climate resilience preparation.  

Startup execs and VCs on what they want from the federal Budget

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MELBOURNE – 29 MARCH 2022– Now that the budget is out, startups are looking to the government to expedite policies that will address a range of economic issues they are facing. The tech startup community in Australia is booming and it’s crucial for many in this community to get support from government policies as they […]

Innovating for resilience: Are insurers taking it seriously?

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MELBOURNE – 22 MARCH 2022– Kanopi’s virtual roundtable event ‘Innovating for resilience’ discusses the future of business resilience for insurers, where panelists describe an emerging movement that combines historical weather forecasts with machine learning models that look into the future. Are Australian insurers ready for this next step? 

Is this the solution for unaffordable flood coverage?

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MELBOURNE – 12 MARCH 2022– Kanopi CEO Nigel Fellowes-Freeman shares his opinion with Insurance Business Australia on the future of mitigating climate change risks and how technology might be the key to better preparation. 

Kanopi to host March roundtable

Guest speakers in a virtual roundtable

MELBOURNE – 7 FEBRUARY 2022– Kanopi announces an upcoming live virtual roundtable, Innovating for resilience, which will host a panel of industry experts who are set to explore the current and future challenges insurers will face and how to overcome them through digital transformation.

How to retain your team while pushing for growth

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MELBOURNE – 21 DECEMBER 2021 – Kanopi Founder and CEO, Nigel Fellowes-Freeman speaks with StartUp Daily about the challenges of navigating tight growth targets while ensuring staff wellbeing. 

Digital transformation trends in insurance

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Insurers tend to innovate slowly in an attempt to get things “right” in a heavily regulated industry. But that is changing. COVID and climate change have accelerated the digitalisation of the insurance industry, and there is no going back. The time to act fast is now.

How emerging technology can reduce operating costs for insurers

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Technology is remaking the insurance industry. New capabilities and efficiencies mean insurers must keep up with new apps, software, and insurtech services that can put them on the cutting edge. Part of competing means keeping costs low, and there are many new ways to do that.

How to improve speed to market: 5 tips insurers should know

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Innovation rules the day when it comes to the insurance industry. In an increasingly unpredictable world, companies that adjust their product offerings to changes in the social, economic, and physical environment are most likely to remain relevant—and attract more customers.

Is the insurance industry no longer a digital dinosaur?

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MELBOURNE – 6 NOVEMBER 2021 – During the last few days, Australia passed significant COVID-19 milestones with implications for the insurance industry. The vaccination rate moved beyond 80%. Fully vaccinated Australians and permanent residents are allowed to travel to and from Australia. NSW and Victoria opened their borders to the fully vaccinated.

Insurance innovates despite COVID

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MELBOURNE – 25 OCTOBER 2021 – Kanopi CEO and Founder Nigel Fellowes-Freeman says as other industries slow down and take a cautious approach, insurers are embracing technology and innovation and open insurance and other data-driven innovations will transform the sector from a “set-and-forget” product into a service that engages with the consumer and dynamically varies its […]

How to develop a data-driven business strategy

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There is no guesswork in the world of business. A staggering 70% of businesses fail within 10 years due to lack of preparation, insufficient market demand or an inappropriate business model. There are areas in life where “winging it” is appropriate.

Industry disruptors say brokers are needed

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MELBOURNE – 17 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Those insurance industry disruptors known as insurtechs are more than happy to coexist with brokers.  A decade ago, many brokers probably felt threatened by the first wave of insurtechs. These young firms with their advanced digitisation plans presented brokers with the prospect of losing many revenue streams. However, at a […]

Connected insurance: the lynchpin of the future

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MELBOURNE – 12 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Connected insurance, also known as real-time, organic or on-demand insurance, is the key to shaping the future of the industry, says a Kanopi Round Table panel.

15 digital trends in the insurance industry

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Over the past few years, the insurance technology sector has built serious momentum. New players are on the scene and they’ve attracted more funding to insurtech in 2021 than ever before. And it makes sense – changing customer behaviours and expectations mean the market is crying out for personalised insurance solutions.

Why insurance tech is now one of the hottest startup sectors for investors

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Seemingly out of nowhere, insurance tech is suddenly hot. Earlier this month, Honey, a home and contents insurance startup that few had heard of, made global headlines raising Australia’s largest ever seed round, coming in at around $15 million. That’s remarkable when you consider that most rounds in Australia are less than $1 million. What […]