Demystifying Generative AI in Insurance: A Reflective Analysis

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Generative AI has seized the world’s imagination, promising transformative changes across industries. In a riveting roundtable, Kanopi collaborated with AWS to explore the transformative potential of generative AI and its impact on the insurance sector. AI technology itself has witnessed staggering advancements, so understanding its implications, especially in a pivotal sector like insurance, requires an […]

Introducing Kanopi’s AI-powered chat interface: Revolutionising the insurance experience

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In our quest to help insurers deliver exceptional insurance experiences for their customers, Kanopi delved head-first into the world of large language learning models. It’s no secret that navigating policy documents and product disclosure statements can be daunting and time-consuming. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of our latest feature, an antidote […]

Digital transformation trends in insurance

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Insurers tend to innovate slowly in an attempt to get things “right” in a heavily regulated industry. But that is changing. COVID and climate change have accelerated the digitalisation of the insurance industry, and there is no going back. The time to act fast is now.

How to improve speed to market: 5 tips insurers should know

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Innovation rules the day when it comes to the insurance industry. In an increasingly unpredictable world, companies that adjust their product offerings to changes in the social, economic, and physical environment are most likely to remain relevant—and attract more customers.

How to develop a data-driven business strategy

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There is no guesswork in the world of business. A staggering 70% of businesses fail within 10 years due to lack of preparation, insufficient market demand or an inappropriate business model. There are areas in life where “winging it” is appropriate.

15 digital trends in the insurance industry

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Over the past few years, the insurance technology sector has built serious momentum. New players are on the scene and they’ve attracted more funding to insurtech in 2021 than ever before. And it makes sense – changing customer behaviours and expectations mean the market is crying out for personalised insurance solutions.