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Quote journey

Love that moment when customers get instant, transparent quotes tailored to their needs? 

Kanopi’s user-friendly quoting tools make it happen, seamlessly integrating with back-end processes. Wave goodbye to complex quote binding and hello to streamlined customer experiences.

Funnel customers from any interface into a custom-branded quote and bind interface.

Seamlessly integrate user-friendly online quoting tools with efficient back-end processes.

Deliver transparent pricing, customisable coverage options, and instant quote binding based on data from user inputs, and third-party integrations.

Ensure customers understand policy terms and coverage details clearly through streamlined communication channels.

Expedite the binding process and deliver policy documents at speed by enabling electronic signature capabilities.

Policy management

How to offer a delightful, end-to-end digital experience from that first quote to final claims? 

Kanopi’s self-service portal empowers policyholders and agents alike. Manage the entire policy lifecycle with proactive notifications and risk alerts at your fingertips.

Complete digital self-service portal for policyholders and agents. Manage all key policy lifecycle events, from quote to claim, with support from proactive notifications and risk alerts.

Full end-to-end direct or embedded digital self-service experience, from quote to FNOL.

Proactive notifications to alert or update users on specific needs or insights.

Instant online access to up-to-date policy info and documentation, as well as a fully auditable policy and payment history.

API integration with third-party systems to share policy data and enable integrated complementary services.


System of Intelligence

What no one tells you is that, data is the new gold. 

Kanopi’s System of Intelligence unlocks rich customer insights by combining multiple data sources. Leverage AI and machine learning to create hyper-personalised products and experiences that maximise customer stickiness and your profit margins.

Create a single, holistic view of your customer by drawing on multiple data sets to form a standardised custom-fields view.

Integrations with platform partners and third-party APIs give you access to rich data sources for use in underwriting, product creation, and pricing, as well as a significantly improved customer experience.

Kanopi’s system of intelligence uses AI and machine learning to help you create new products and identify what products best meet a customer’s needs, using a feedback loop to continue optimisation.

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Distribution channels

Transform your existing insurance stack into an agile, modular powerhouse. 

Kanopi’s flexible multi-channel platform supports direct, embedded, and agent channels. Integrate seamlessly with third-parties and deploy efficiently across distributed environments.

Flexible front-end enables rapid launch of new propositions or partnerships via direct, white-labelled or embedded experiences.

GraphQL API-based platform for limitless third-party and internal application integrations. In-built capability to expand to an open API approach for partnerships.

Modular platform architecture supports different product or partner configurations. Choose from Price/quote/bind, Payments, Documents, Policy management, and more.

Data integrations enable hyper-personalisation of offers and experiences, plus enhanced underwriting, product selection, risk identification and much more.


Core system integrations

At the core of Kanopi’s full-stack insurance platform lies a robust technological infrastructure, designed to enhance user experience, ensure agility, and foster innovation.

Ratings are uploaded through a streamlined digital interface designed for efficient data entry.

Post-analysis features capture data errors early on eliminate policy quotations and risk errors.

Product creation, configuration and version controls can be done in a matter of hours rather than days or months.

Empower users, regardless of their technical expertise, to develop question sets and logic flows through intuitive interfaces, facilitating the creation, editing, and simulation of products before releasing a final version.

Access real-time and historical data to improve user experiences and inform future product development based on data point entries that are meticulously monitored by Kanopi’s core system.