Go beyond the ordinary

Kanopi empowers insurers globally to deliver exceptional insurance anywhere, anytime through a flexible platform and collaborative partnerships.

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Investor Relations

Kanopi is backed by top-tier investors, to drive bold innovation and unlock new growth for some of the world's most trusted insurers.
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Kanopi’s mission

Unlocking the default insurance opportunity to the world.

When done right, insurance can be a powerful force for good. Flexible coverage alleviates worries and uncertainties, enabling businesses to succeed and individuals to live with a sense of safety and security.

Navigating success with Kanopi

We’re your partner from Day 0

From the moment you contact us until your product is launched from workshops to technical support, we’re here.


We’re your growth engine

We don’t just set deadlines and rush to complete them. Each step of the project is carefully assessed to make sure all the parts are moving in unison to deliver the impact you need.


We’re in sync with you

At Kanopi, transparent and open communication underlines all the work we do. We’ll deliver updates to you in your preferred format, ensuring seamless interaction, whether it’s through a dedicated Slack channel or a phone call.


We’re ready for change

We know that complex projects often evolve during discovery and development, and we’re equipped to adapt and change direction at any stage of the project.